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Anybody can become a reseller!

A private label cPanel reseller program that you can count on! Our Reseller Hosting Services offer you the finest in support, uptime, and availability at a great price! Our full-featured reseller hosting accounts are perfect for a web business of any size. We have years of experience with our reseller platform, allowing us to offer remarkable service and fantastic reliability. Our experience with the reseller platform allows you to concentrate on growing your business, rather than worrying about servers.

Our reseller accounts allow you to create full-featured Cpanel hosting accounts. You'll have full control over your clients and in turn, your clients will have full control over their sites. You'll have the ability to allot resources to your sites as you see fit. We give you the tools you need to be successful in an ever-changing, competitive market. We promise you, after you've experienced the pleasure of a our reseller account, you'll be spoiled for anything else! If you're looking to start in the hosting market, add value to your web site design or other services by including hosting, or simply have a lot of domain names and want to consolidate, we are the only place to look for the reliability, uptime, and service you need to propel your business to the next level. We also provide handholding to get your accounts up and running. We even can help transfer your accounts over to our servers.

Join the thousands of other customers that trust us to provide for their hosting needs since 1999.

Bring your reseller hosting service to a higher level. Differentiate yourself by providing RvSiteBuilder Pro as a value added service to your customers. We offer unlimited Site Builder software with 754 templates with every reseller account, make your clients happier with higher profits and its absolutely free!

WebHost Manager (WHM) [Reseller Login]:
Web Hosting Resellers also get access to WHM to create new domain owner accounts and access to many other tools. The Webhost Manager is a state of the art server management software that lets you create, edit and manage your domains in real time. You can create your own hosting plans.
Demo Username: demo
Demo Password: demo

WebHost Manager (WHM) Tutorials

All domains that you host come each with their own domain control panel.
Username: x3demob
Password: x3demob
Control Panel Tutorials

Please call use toll free 888 reseller account595 reseller account2058 if you have question and we will be glad to answer them.


Monthly Fee $39.95 $69.95 $99.95 $149.95
Quarterly Fee $119.85 $209.85 $299.85 $449.85
Semi-Annual Fee $232.50 $402.22 $574.75 $862.23
Annual Fee $439.45 $769.45 $1099.45 $1649.45
Disk Space for your reseller domain account. 3000 mb 6000 MB 10000 MB 10000 MB
Disk Space for your resold domains 3000 mb 6000 MB 10000 MB 15000 MB
Data Transfer (GB) 100 GB 200 GB 300 GB 400 GB
Set-Up fees None None None None
Domain transfer fees None None None None
Webhosting Domain Control Panels Yes Yes Yes Yes
Domain you can host 15 30 Unlimited Unlimited
Max Subdomains (example Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Max SQL Databases Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Max FTP Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Max Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Hosting International Domain Names (all countries) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Daily Backups of your Websites Yes Yes Yes Yes
Toll Free Phone Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
E-Mail Support Yes Yes Yes Yes

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