†Merchant Account Express Application

Accept credit cards over the net and increase your sales! InternetPlanners.com has teamed up with Humboldt Bank to provide you with an inexpensive solution for your business via our Merchant Account Express Application.

We offer Instant Storefronts to Merchant Customers. InternetPlanners.com together with Humboldt Bank Merchant Services offers e- commerce platforms for all types of businesses. Use our CartXpress or Miva Merchant store front/cart or your own shopping cart.  This powerful merchant acquisition system significantly reduces the merchantís time and upfront costs associated with building an e- commerce site. This unique partnership offers our clients and anybody that needs a merchant account to accept Visa and MasterCard via the Internet.
Anybody can apply even if you are not hosting with us.† For payment Gateway information please click here

  • Lower setup fees.
  • Lower monthly minimums.
  • Internet friendly policies designed specifically for E-commerce accounts.
  • Upon approval of this application, you will be able to accept Visa and MasterCard via the Internet.†
Description Pricing
Set-Up & License Fees $249.00 USD
Rates 2.40% + 0.25 per transaction for V/MC*
Statement $10 USD per month
Monthly Minimum $15 USD per month
Internet Friendly Policies
Humboldt Bank Merchant Services won't charge excessive fees or deny your application for merchant and credit card services simply because you're in the Internet Industry.†

If you already have a merchant account and you also need a† payment Gateway to process online transactions.
Please Click Here.
†  See also our Getting Started with Online Commerce!

Please send questions or comments to Support@InternetPlanners.com
call toll free 888-595-2058 or 301-933-2431